CannaHome Market

CGMC influenced CannaHome. Their goal is to create a safe environment for cannabis and shrooms customers to shop while also building a community.

CannaHome only ships within the United States; shipping to other nations is not permitted. Please visit Cannazon for goods that ship to other countries. Which is mostly concerned with Europe and the rest of the world.

Please see our tutorial for a detailed explanation of how to use CannaHome.

Name:CannaHome Market (Canna Home)
CannaHome Link:uuwqgse6rabmw3ngfsihzeqzshq5w3ug3su4yujlnzl4ipsfgkak4uid.onion
Founded:September 16, 2019
Total Vendors:76
Total Products:3,049
Payment:Direct payment and multisig
Vendor Bond:Only Established Vendors allowed
CannaHome Market Facts

What is CannaHome Market

CannaHome is the successor to the CGMC market, which shut down in 2018, and it uses the same source code and design. CannaHome only accepts cannabis and mushrooms, so if you’re seeking for other substances, this isn’t the market for you.

Type of products for sell in CannaHome

CannaHome offers no market controlled wallets and two ways to order (multi-sig escrow or direct pay) and 2 coins (LTC and BTC).

Type of payment options on CannaHome

How To Become Vendor on CannaHome

CannaHome URL has high expectations for new merchants. Vendors must have significant, verifiable vending experience on other darknet marketplaces (minimum 500 rated sales and 6 months experience), as well as strong ratings (less than 1% negative on positive/neutral/negative markets, or 4.95 or higher on 1-5 rated markets). Vendors must also have a high reputation for communication and integrity. CannaHome is currently only accepting sellers from the United States.

Some of CannaHome Vendors

Using CannaHome

Please see our instructions here for a basic overview of your first CannaHome Link order.

To utilize CannaHome Market, you must first create an account. Creating an account on CannaHome is simple and only requires a username and password.

CannaHome’s registration page

Following registration, you will be transported to the CannaHome main page, where you can browse top vendors or items and select what you want to purchase.

Top sellers, new arrivals, and vendor updates can be found by scrolling down the main page.

Buying Drugs on CannaHome

When you see anything you wish to buy, you can press the product to learn more about it, including shipping schedules and prices.
Once you’ve decided what you want to buy, click “Order Product,” and then select the coin you want to pay with (Bitcoin or Litecoin).

On the following screen, enter your address and shipping options.

Paying to Buy on CannaHome

After clicking the proceed option, you will be brought to the payment page, where you will see how much you need to pay and where you should deposit your money. The website will be updated with payment confirmation once you deposit.

CannaHome link can be found on this site or on darkfail. Make sure you take your links to CannaHome from a reputable source.

CannaHome Conclustion

CannaHome has been growing a lot in the last year and it is a great upcoming market that will sure be on the top of the dark net markets list.

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