Black Pyramid Market 2023

Black Pyramid is a brand-new darknet market that debuted in early 2022. It is thus still on the tiny side, with roughly 400 postings in total, and has yet to attract any notable established suppliers. Because this is an international market, many of the vendors they do have are willing to ship worldwide. One of the first things we notice about Black Pyramid is that, in addition to Bitcoin and Monero, they support Litecoin and Dash. For whatever reason, they also support Bitcoin Cash and offer a simple mixing service housed in the market. For beginners, the market also includes a very detailed helpdesk guide.

Black Pyramid Market link – qo5i6olq6hay524jx2smexobmcyzicaqlroka3eeqeksrofveb36a4qd.onion

Black Pyramid has a slick design with a secure vibe, as well as a unique captcha system (which can seem somewhat annoying at first). While creative and elegant, the layout isn’t nearly finished and contains several issues. Nonetheless, it is easily navigable. We also noticed occasional loading timeouts, which can be aggravating because you are frequently needed to solve fresh captchas and even re-enter your password. If users wish to view the market’s contents, they must first register an account.

Product Choice

Because it is a newer market, Black Pyramid’s listing selection is limited, and it is divided into the following categories: cannabis & hash, benzos, dissociatives, ecstasy/stimulants, opioids/prescription, psychedelics, carding/fraud, guides & tutorials, counterfeit, digital products, hacking tools, services, security, and others. Their most popular category by far is cannabis & hash, with 180 entries, yet they do have a significant number of ecstasy/stimulant ads as well. Currently, the market has roughly 400 postings. While some retailers ship internationally, many exclusively ship inside a single country or continent.

Payment Modes

As payment methods, Black Pyramid accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dash (DASH). They also offer a mixing service where the user can select their own charge (ranging from 5 to 15%). Furthermore, they offer an automated conversion service that allows customers to convert any supported coin into another (albeit costs are very high at 10-15%). The market employs the conventional account wallet system, which means that before placing an order, you must first fill up your account balance. Keep in mind that most suppliers only accept BTC and XMR as payment for orders.

Black Pyramid Pros

  • Unique, refreshing design, set to dark mode by default.
  • Categories are well-divided and easily accessible.
  • Supports 5 different cryptocurrencies, including 3 privacy coins.
  • Offers 24/7 support and a thorough instructional guide.

Black Pyramid Cons

  • Still very small, suffers from lack of listings and vendor selection.
  • Most vendors only accept 1 or 2 of the supported coins.
  • Bugs in the UI and captcha system, as well as long loading times.
  • No per-order (Direct Pay) payment options.

Black Pyramid Market URL – qo5i6olq6hay524jx2smexobmcyzicaqlroka3eeqeksrofveb36a4qd.onion

Overall, Black Pyramid appears to have the foundation for a long-term, profitable darknet market operation, as long as they can attract more merchants and subsequently purchasers to their marketplace. We like how they’ve taken a fresh approach to market design, offer a coin mixing and exchanging service, and appear to take user security seriously. However, because the market requires users to trust them with all coin deposits and escrow, establishing a positive reputation in the community may take some time.

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