legit or scam ?

Once again, we’re sifting through dozens of credit card dumps sites to discover which might give us with reliable information. We came across and were curious to see if this site would be a success or a flop.

The landing page is standard, with a blue background and a white area to enter login information or create an account. There’s no information regarding what’s within, however there’s an Onion link to the site on Tor.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we decide to look into the website’s history. We discover that the IP address is based in San Francisco, CA, and that the provider is CLOUDFLARE after combing through resources. The website was launched on November 23, 2017 and will remain operational until November 23, 2021. This isn’t a particularly old website, but it has been around longer than most and will continue to be valid for some time.

Now that we’ve learnt enough about the site’s history, it’s time to dig further into the domain. Making an account is quite simple: You simply need to enter a username and password, as well as the captcha. There’s a lot to take in when we get access to the dashboard! The majority of the page is devoted to news, which covers over 60 pages and appears to be updated on a weekly basis. You’ll find navigation links to billing, dumps, dumps with PIN, and CVV on the left, as well as account connections such as support, orders, and purchases.

We decide to start with the dumps. The default search results include Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and other cards from countries such as Denmark, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and the United States. When you use the top-of-the-page criteria, the results will immediately update to provide you with what you’re looking for. For example, when we searched for credit cards from Australia, we received 133 results. The dumps with PIN page produced comparable results, but at a larger cost per transaction. The CVV page is similarly set up, with pricing differentiated between dumps and dumps with PIN.

Next, we see a link that says Discounts, so we click on it. We discovered that the website provides bonuses based on the quantity of money deposited. For example, if we deposit $1000 to $4999 in a single transaction, we will receive a 3% incentive. We will receive a 10% discount if we deposit $10,000 or more. The smallest discount, 1.5%, applies to funding of $500 to $999.

Speaking of funding, let’s have a look at the payment options for Going to the Billing link reveals that they only accept Bitcoin and provide us with a permanent address to make deposits. We would have preferred more selection, but BTC is something that everyone should have access to.

We stop at the support center before moving on to the next step of our investigation. It’s really simple, merely offering a mechanism to send a message. The Rules page is likewise lacking in information. It basically says that BTC is the sole payment option, that there are no refunds, and that you should contact support if you need assistance.

We’ve learnt everything we can from the site, therefore we’re looking for reviews or any testimonials from people who may have used it. We conducted a thorough web search and discovered the following: The site has a significant presence in search results. However, the majority of it comes through fraudulent comments on various sites and postings. These comments start off legit, but then they descend into, “check out my site”. While this form of advertising isn’t exactly high-brow, we can’t blame a corporation for attempting to get their name out there. What was most intriguing to us was that there was some discussion about the company on various sites. But the question was usually the same: “Has anyone utilized this website before?” There were many responses from others who wanted to know the same thing, and many more from those who said they’d heard it was but hadn’t tried it themselves.

Now that we’ve finished our investigation, it’s time to compile our findings. The site’s layout is basic, and we saw nothing odd. In terms of external results, we are concerned about how much advertising and spamming the site engages in. However, even if they haven’t utilized the site personally, some individuals are saying nice things about it. We believe this location is definitely on the up and up, but we’d love to hear from you if you’ve previously worked with the site. Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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