Beginners Cash App Guide in 2022

Beginners Cash App Guide in 2022

CashApp is a hot topic these days, and quite frankly it’s not quite as hard as people make it out to be. The difficult part is sourcing everything you need, as always. So, what exactly is it that we need to successfully hit cash app in June 2022.

Beginners  Requirements for Cash App Guide in 2022

1: A Socks Proxy or a reliable VPN and an app to spoof geolocation – Not only is this the first step in remaining anonymous and not getting caught running charges but it also allows you to access CashApp if you’re in a country that CashApp isn’t available in. A residential socks proxy with a clean IP (not blacklist entries) is obviously your preferred choice, and you need to make yourself appear to be close to the cardholders real location.

2: A set of CC fullz – CC fullz are sets of fullz that contain a credit card number, exp date, zip code, cardholders name, address, DOB, ssn, phone number, their email, and occasionally email access depending on how the fullz were sourced. This card cannot be linked to previous cashapp accounts – this is where phishing cc’s directly from elderly people can be extremely profitable as anyone over 40 is 65% less likely to have ever opened a CashApp account.

3: The CashApp app – You can download this from the play store or apple store. If you have any issues you can use a third party app marketplace at your own risk to download an apk.

4: A CashApp account – This cannot be absolutely new. You want it to be at least 3 week old with at least 3 transactions in and 3 transactions out to be sure that funds can go in and out of the account without CashApp flagging them. These 3 should be legitimate transactions or you’ll burn your account out for next to nothing.

After running your proxy or vpn and spoofing your location to match your cardholder log into your cash app account that you opened and aged or purchased. Once you’re logged in tap on “Add Cash” and enter your card information. Remove any existing cards first by tapping on “My Cash” and then the tapping on the 3 dots net to the existing card, and finally by tapping “Remove Card”.

Activate your Cash App account and request to have a Cash Card sent to a drop to withdraw funds as cash. You can also skip this step and transfer funds to linked bank drop or to another (semi-clean) middleman CashApp account. We refer to these accounts as the “Dirty Sanchez” because the accounts themselves appear clean but are used to send dirty funds off to whatever method we use to launder them.

This process will be covered in another guide I’ll post in the next few days about laundering money into clean taxable funds by using freelancer sites. But for now we’ll assume you went with the cash card, it was sent to your drop, and now you have it in hand. That means your card has been linked to the CashApp account for a few days without charging it.

As far as CashApp is concerned – we’re legitimate users now. Go ahead and load up less than $500, run to an ATM that’s outside (like walk through a drive-though bank atm at night), cover your face, and withdraw the funds. Then add more money, withdraw. Continue until your accounts dead. CashApp does have an ATM withdrawal limit, if you begin withdrawals at 11:45pm you can withdraw your daily limit before 12:00am when a new day starts – at 12:05 you can withdraw that ATM limit once again (to hit your limit twice).

This will surely kill your CashApp account and you’ll then have to restart the entire process to earn more money – this is why most of us will open up and age numerous accounts at one time, it makes the payouy worth the wait of aging the accounts and waiting for cards to arrive in the mail.

If you hit a decline your probable reasons are a dead card or one with insufficient funds for the charge, a flagged CashApp account, a restricted CashApp account, or a DNS/geolocation leak that’s revealing your real location rather than what you’re attempting to appear as.


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