Australian dark web vendors

With Australian customs being what they are (i.e. a branch of the KGB), I wouldn’t risk ordering internationally via the dark web. So my concern is, are there enough Australian sellers to make it worthwhile? I haven’t entered the dark web yet and am hesitant to do so if it will be a waste of my time.



They all have a big markup, but they’re approximately half the price of what you’d find on the street. The major reason I use it is to obtain high-quality MDMA and other difficult-to-find drugs such as excellent acid, Xans, and codeine. It’s the quality; it’s flawless. Only order domestically, and I assure you will never be sorry.

If you’re looking for inexpensive weed, just go to your nearest Parramatta.

I’m Aus. It may be slightly more expensive, but you can acquire high-quality LSD and MD for far less than on the streets.

Thank you for your comments. Sorry for the simple question, but what is MD?


Australian markets


My typical empire market has been down for several weeks; does anyone know what’s up? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for reliable Australian vendors?



Scam exit. It’s difficult to recommend an alternative because the vendors I use have relocated to new markets, forcing me to use multiple markets.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, maybe it’s better that way.

Is anyone familiar with theprofessionals? They’ve been around for years and used to have their own private website, but they lost the URL a while back. Only Aus2Aus

I’d like to learn more. A local market (for locals!) would be fantastic.
I was looking for an Australian-based market or something similar. Very intrigued

This is one of their posts.

“Dear Friends,

TheProfessionals is a true original vendor founded in 2013.

Just a polite reminder that we have yet to decide whether or not to list ourselves on any of the markets following Empire’s exit.

As a result, we will only be vending from our private store for the time being.

d/TheProfessionals has a link to it.”

They’ve got their own website. Auspride, did you find anything?

I’ve done some research, especially on stimulants. In other markets, there isn’t a lot of variety. Each one has only around a page of information from Australian vendors. It’s difficult right now, so it’s worth conducting your own research. WHM, icarus, and so on

Is Facebook still a thing for vegetables in Australia? People stopped using it once they busted a couple cunts.

No one is delivering a direct response.

As an Australian, I would settle for solely Australian weed – “Yes! Since EM’s demise, I’ve ordered through ‘X’ and received my items “No one is requesting a signed guarantee of terms and conditions. This is a game that we are all familiar with.

WHM is home to SweetLSD and a few more. The majority of Australians switched to WHM. This thread is quite old. I haven’t been on any dark market in a long time. What is everyone in Australia’s go-to market right now? There are none, and half of them are illegible.


AFP is monitoring the dark web in light of reports of stolen property. Data from Optus may be sold online.


pfft. What are their plans? put out a press statement announcing, ‘Oh no, it’s been sold’? Computah says you’re fucked, m8.

I’m curious if I’m breaking any laws by requesting to know what of my info was stolen. The AFP is most likely an Optus user.


Excuse me, Mr. Hacker, but couldn’t you sell that info that was freely given away?

The only time I recall a ransom being paid was when CDPR had their game source code stolen.

As far as I know, the source code has never been sold.

This is going to be like Jen getting to hold ‘the internet,’ which is basically a box with a flashing light among the IT crowd. I imagine the AFP is looking at something similar, or their version of the dark web is a cobweb in a corner with the lights turned off.

Perhaps the dark web is the same box Jen had, just without the light. Actually, Richmond would have been in charge of the dark web.

So, what’s the use of monitoring the dark web when the hacker sells the info on the public, World Wide Web?

They appear to be capable of doing anything. Probably stage one in the prohibition of VPNs and TOR “the dark web is going to steal your kids” same, where is my multi-million dollar budget?

Reporting that is duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu That title embarrassed even Captain Obvious….

In truth, I am confident that 100% of Australia and 100% of the AFP would have legitimate expectations that there are 100% of the time Australian devoted analysts observing the Dark Web.

In comparison to the clear nett. What we use every day. The darkweb is quite little. Unless you can monitor everything personally, it’s important to know that they’re keeping an eye on things and know what’s going on and what’s being revealed.

Don’t give them any leeway. Optus and the government are both at fault for this information becoming public. It is already available for purchase online.
Optus has been individually selling people’s data for years, so I’m not sure what to tell you if you’re still with them.

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