ASAP Market Requests That Users Not Deposit

Following the recent attack of ASAP Market, a peculiar post was issued by ASAP Market admin, asking all users of the site to stop depositing Bitcoin into their wallets. According to the administrator, any bitcoin deposits would be lost, while Monero deposits will remain safe.

Please do not deposit any Bitcoins till further notice.

Monero (XMR) deposits are operational.

Please do not make a deposit; else, your coins will not be registered and will be permanently lost.

We will not be able to recover the missing coins.

ASAP Market administrator post with the title “[Alert] DON’T MAKE ANY BITCOIN(btc) DEPOSITS.”

It is unclear what caused this, however it is more than likely that ASAP Market was hacked, or that a rough market staff member moved the bitcoin deposits address to his own.

There has been no official announcement on Dread or anywhere else, and no response by any staff person has been made on the posts of concerned members.

We strongly advise visitors to avoid ASAP Market for the time being and instead visit other popular darknet markets such as AlphaBay or Tor2Door Market.

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