As another cyber intrusion is disclosed, sensitive healthcare information is released to the dark web.

We’re doing it again.

February. This occurred in February. And they’re just now bothering to alert people since the information has been posted to the dark web.

This one improves.

Credit card numbers and names of 28,286 people 15,724 of these entries have expired, and 3,375 had a CVV code associated.

Why are they holding CCVs alongside credit card information? That is a total and utter violation of PCI compliance, and it is downright criminal!

Jesus sobbed! That’s 10 months in which 3375 people’s credit cards may have been plundered and pillaged at will.

Watch them fire their security personnel, which they’d most likely been ignoring or underfunding for years, issue a heartfelt apology letter, and then go back to giving zero fucks.

It’s okay, no one was harmed because we didn’t verify with potential victims to see whether they had fake charges. /S

They had been aware of the hack since February and concluded that “no data was stolen.” Then, in June, they were informed that their information was available on the dark web. A government agency was required to inform them. They’ve been ‘investigating’ since then, and now they’re announcing it?

The Australian government MUST fundamentally overhaul the country’s privacy and cyber laws. Changing the fine amount alone is insufficient. Soon, all of our damn information will be available. Everything. The results of your most recent STD test. Who you call and text is recorded. Notes that your doctor has on file. Your credit card details. The balance in your bank account. Everything.

Victims of a company’s cyber security carelessness (where legal evidence exists) must be paid. Sure, fine the firms, but make them reimburse us for allowing the data to be stolen.

None of this nonsense. Straight from the top, jail time.

Drag every single executive team and company board member who does this through the court. When their a$$ is on the line, that’s the only way things will be done properly and taken seriously. When it comes to cost-cutting measures, security should not be discussed.

There has been no proof of any misuse of the information or any demand made of Medlab or ACL to date “According to the company’s ASX statement.

How would you know if there was any misuse if you hadn’t told anyone about it? People will not disclose that their data has been exploited if they do not know where the leak originated.

It’s so common, right? They probably went public because they noticed more journalists/interest in what was available on the dark web.

As someone who used to work at this company, I can tell you that they are the DODGIEST shite ever. ACL misappropriated salaries, which took months of wrangling and complaints to get back. They permit their supervisors to humiliate and threaten their employees.

When I was there, my manager knowingly allowed an entire day’s worth of faeces culture results to be reported incorrectly, resulting in a handful of people being diagnosed with something they didn’t have, as well as a handful of people being told they didn’t have SALMONELLA when they did, because he didn’t want to deal with the paperwork and consequences.

The employees are not properly taught, and they used covid as an excuse to reduce the number of employees, leaving those who remain to struggle with the massive quantity of work and unrealistic turn around timeframes. To cope, many of the employees I worked with there had mental health difficulties or unhealthy drinking habits. I’ve seen folks practically vomit from nervousness simply by being present.

The staff bathrooms hadn’t been cleaned in 3 MONTHS before I left, because the two cleaners who were supposed to clean the massive industrial lab alone each night were overworked and blamed for everything (rather than being given actual resources and employees), so they kept resigning after a few weeks.

The place is toxic and shady as fuck, and they care more about profits than about their employees and patients.

What happened to this? I’m familiar with Medlab in Brisbane, which ACL took over. Was it in a different city?

If anyone is interested, there is an epetition on the parliament website seeking to tighten consumer data protections:

Will the petition site’s data be compromised?

You may not be aware, but the Attorney General’s office consulted last year on revisions to the Privacy Act, including the removal of the small business exemption, increased penalties, and the introduction of a right to be forgotten a la GDPR. As an added benefit, they’ve made the consultation submissions public so you can see who cares about your privacy and who doesn’t.

Spoiler: it’s not Optus. Even Facebook proposed tightening privacy regulations and stiffening fines.

They are already tightening privacy safeguards. All of this takes time.

Are they attempting to come clean before the $50 million fines kick in? Given the emphasis on Medibank, etc., now is perhaps a good time to make an announcement.

Data had been taken since at least March… And didn’t tell anyone.

“This highly detailed and long process took several months to complete, and was required to ensure that we did not cause unnecessary fear and anxiety for Medlab clients,” the business stated in a statement.

No, that is not how it works, and any corporation that believes it is should have any licences or permissions allowing them to gather any kind of data on people cancelled.

Hey, that picture shows my credit card number. I’m curious if this has anything to do with the federal government mandating that all encryption software contain a back door via which they may enter? I’m not sure if that went through.

It did get through, but the chances of a hacker discovering and exploiting a government backdoor are slim when compared to the likelihood of the corporation being stupid in the first place.

Fine simply means legal for a fee. Personal punishment of some kind is required for these executives before they will begin to care.

There has been no proof of any misuse of the information or any demand made of Medlab or ACL to date “According to the company’s ASX statement.”

However, it has also been posted on the black web.


Are there any markets in Australia where Australian suppliers can post within the country?


I enjoy Monopoly, but the majority of its suppliers are from the United States and Europe. I don’t want my next package to be confiscated.

Dark0de, WHM

I miss the days when I could easily get anything I wanted from Silkroad. I dislike how things have changed.

Torrez Market can assist you. WHM. approx. There are 100 aussies. Australia? Excellent choice, right where my detectives are. They will contact you shortly.

In the Australian online economy these days, it absolutely stinks.

There was a period, around four years ago, when you could obtain whatever you wanted. When there was silkroad, dream, and agora, for example.

The issue is not with the market; things have developed, and governments have strengthened up their security, unlike in the past when countries didn’t know much about the darknet.

Also, if people put too many orders to the same location, customs will become suspicious. True, but things are changing.

What were you looking for but couldn’t find? Except for uncommon RCs, I’ve found almost everything I’ve looked for. Agora and bluesky lived in quite different eras.

Does monopoly use a wallet? Inc on WHM is an Australian seller with a lot of sales (10k+).

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