Apparently, Western Union does not send money outside of India. My friend is attempting to send me money; could you please recommend ways for him to do so? Fast??

Western Union does not send money outside of India — All you need to know

Western Union does not send money outside of India




The quickest method is to use your own bank/account. Fill out a form, explain why you’re giving money, fulfill the legalities, and you’re done. Depending on the country, it takes 1-3 days to reach the destination. Alternatively, someone I know used Thomas Cook.

You must be a blood relative to send from Thomas Cook. Yeah, I believe I’ll just question him about it…. Thank You

Do you or any of your friends have an HDFC bank account?

If this is the case, you can create a Netsafe virtual credit card. It provides you with a temporary credit card number with a pre-declared amount, CVV, and so on. You can use this card once in any typical online buying transaction. However, if you require genuine cash, this will not work.

Thank you, but no… he’s sending cash…

Western Union does not send money outside of India

There are several methods for sending money from India to (say) the United States.

The quickest method is to wire transfer it from an Indian account to a US account. You would need the recipient’s name, phone number, and IBAN number, as well as a form outlining the reason for transferring the money.

The funds are withdrawn in rupees and transferred in dollars, less costs for the Indian bank, the receiving bank, and service tax/service charge.

There are annual limits on the amount that can be sent, although they have been liberalized and are usually not an issue for non-capital transfers. I believe the cap is $200,000 USD.

Additional paperwork and logistics may be required. Proof of identification, such as a PAN card, is usually required. There is occasionally debate about whether an accountant letter or Form 16 / previous year tax return is required to demonstrate that the source of funds is legal. However, I believe that this is not necessary. Consult the sending bank/branch.

If the individual sending it has an account with the bank from which he or she is sending it, it will be easier to debit that, and ID, etc. may be simpler. Furthermore, not every branch is authorized to do forex transfers; for example, in Chennai, SBI, T-nagar, Puraswakkam, Fort, and others can. This can be discussed with the branch locator or the local branch. It is preferable to go directly to the FX branches and inquire about the documentation and restrictions. Request that your pal take her passbook as well. Western Union does not send money outside of India for real.

– Additionally, the head Post Office has a tie-up to send currencies (MO Videsh). Please see:

If a buddy has a global credit card from an Indian bank and can obtain you an add-on card, you can use it for purchases/withdrawals (subject to FX rules on purpose/amounts). However, this is improbable for you.

And, of course, there’s hawala. Pay xx in rupees in India and ask him/her to pay you in dollars in the United States. I’m afraid I can’t assist you there.

Western Union does not send money outside of India


RBI website,

This form is used to send money. (This is from the Post Office, although it appears to be identical to one used by banks) SLIP5.pdf

Thank you very much…:) Unfortunately, that also does not work for India….:(



Sorry if I’m asking in the wrong place, but what is the easiest way to send money from Canada to Serbia? What about Western Union or anything similar?




My best buddy recently died, and I promised him I’d look after his family back in Serbia, because he had a little child and…well, you know.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to transfer money to his family, but I’m not sure which services offer the lowest fees and/or which businesses have problems in Serbia. I’m trying to double-check because I know that when I send money to my relatives in Brazil, sometimes there’s a shitshow because banks don’t like one money transfer service or another, and wire transfers always seem to have some sort of issue, not to mention the ridiculously high fees, so I figured I’d ask in case anyone here had any insight.

I figured I’d inquire in case there’s a well-known item like “Oh yeah, banks often throw a fuss if you utilize Wise or Western Union” or something along those lines, because better safe than sorry. Why  Western Union does not send money outside of India, too bad.

Sorry if asking via this subreddit is inappropriate – I would normally ask my buddy’s family about this, but they are in the midst of grief, so I believe it’s best if I handle all the “boring business stuff” and don’t talk to them about anything that requires a lot of mental work.




My best buddy recently died, and I promised him I’d look after his family back in Serbia, because he had a little child and…well, you know.

You’re a kind guy.

Thank you so much; I really appreciate it. I’m not as good as he was, but I hope to do my best for him and his family.

The best method would be to find someone who benefits from that amount on PayPal and has made numerous purchases.

That way, you can give it to him, he can use the money (credit) to make an online purchase, and that person can send Serbian Dinar (RSD) to friends and relatives.

Western Union does not send money outside of India

There will be no taxes or hidden payment provider costs this way.

Also, congratulations on being a wonderful friend.

Thank you so much; I really appreciate it. That’s definitely something to think about; I hadn’t considered that at all, so thank you!

That is a really obtuse method that I do not suggest for a variety of reasons.

After doing some investigation, you might apply for one of Canada’s prepaid travel cards and either add them to another card (as a sub-account) or just send them the one you acquire. When you wish to send them money, simply load it onto the card online and they can withdraw it at any ATM in Serbia. Check the fees and see whether they are greater than WU (I doubt it).

I utilized paysend to move money from Serbia to Greece and Austria recently. This, however, was in euros. I’m not sure about mailing from Canada, but it was either free or 1.50 €. It arrived in a day to the location I specified.

Sorry for your loss; you seem like a wonderful person for following through on your pledge.

Thank you so much; I’m going to look into PaySend. I’m going to perform a few test transfers to see how they function with Canada, but I’m delighted to hear it works well with other currencies, that sounds pretty promising! He was a wonderful person. When he became ill, the only thing on his mind was his family. After I told him I’d take care of them, he appeared so at ease with the prospect of dying that…god, isn’t it the least I can do for someone like that? I hope he’s happy.

I make use of Western Union. There may be less expensive options, but it is adequate for occasional transfers. Quick and safe.

Thank you; I guess I’ll at the very least utilize Western Union for the initial transfer and then work out what to do in the long run.

You may send RSD to Serbia with TD Global Transfer. I believe the highest amount you may convert to RSD is $1500 CAD. You can accomplish this through your online banking.

Oh wow, I had no idea, and that’s…extremely useful; I’m going to look into that right now!

You might also start a Canadian debit account and mail them the debit card.

Wise can be inexpensive, but it is not always simple. If you do not want to use cryptocurrency, Western Union is a fantastic option.

Depending on the amount you intend to send, the recipients in Serbia will be required to pay various taxes. For more details, I recommend posting to r/finansije, the Serbian finance subreddit.

Western Union is extensively utilized since the money is transferred quickly and there are no issues with picking it up. The main disadvantage is the excessively expensive fees.

Is €3,90 a lot of money for any transaction?

You can send €100 for a price of €3,90, or you can send €3000 for a fee of €3,90. There is no percentage taken at all.

If you want to see hefty fees, go to a bank.

Okay, so I sent money from the United States through Western Union. It’s convenient for a variety of reasons: the app works flawlessly, so you don’t have to go anywhere, the fees aren’t too high, and, most importantly, practically every money exchange kiosk or bank in Serbia has a contract with WU. And if you’re not sending a large sum, the costs will be a couple of dollars. For example, I transfer $100 to my cousin on a regular basis, and the price is roughly $5.

For convenience, I recommend Western Union. If I’m not mistaken, it has the most pickup points and is the most extensively used.

Simply utilize the Western Union app on your phone instead of their website. The price is reduced while using the app. When I used to use the website, the charge was €4,90, but now it’s €3,90.

There is no limit, as far as I am aware. I transfer money from my Dutch bank account to myself using WU several times each month. No conversion, just EUR to EUR.

I recently learned about; I haven’t had the opportunity to utilize it yet, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it. My American friends utilize RIA, Moneygram, and WU…. I need a Serbian ID and tracking number from him, and money can be obtained from practically any exchange office… (not banks…)

In addition to WU, Ria money and Moneygram are viable options. Wise It is by far the most affordable system. Western Union and PayPal are prohibitively expensive, particularly for minor purchases. Stay away from them.

I believe that a bank transfer is the greatest option because it has the lowest fees.

The WU exchange rate is 10% higher than the true rate.
PayPal is difficult to withdraw money from, and you must link it to your bank accounts, which can be a pain in the ass. What the other guy stated about PP is a bad idea because you don’t want to give Amazon credits to someone who is struggling. What good are cool earbuds if you’re hungry? Western Union does not send money outside of India, they loose not india loosing.

So get in touch with them and ask for SWIFT bank instructions for sending USD.

You transfer them USD, and they receive money in their bank account, allowing them to convert it immediately without incurring excessive costs and exchange rates. The cost of sending this manner is approximately $20-$30. I believe you can just make a SWIFT transaction.



$3500.                                   $300

$7000.                                    $500

$10,000.                                  $750

$20,000.                                  $1500

$35,000                                  $2500

$100,000.                                 $5000


Western Union does not send money outside of India

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