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Alphabay Market was the largest darknet market in history, functioning from 2014 to 2017 with admins alpha02 and DeSnake. AlphaBay abruptly went offline in July 2017 and was suspected of being an exit scam; however, a few days later, it was announced that AlphaBay had been seized and alpha02 alias Alexander Cazes had been apprehended.

DeSnake reopened AlphaBay in August 2021 with a new look but the same admin as before, with the goal of becoming the largest darknet market in history.

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AlphaBay Market Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is AlphaBay?

According to our initial description

AlphaBay is a black market auction-style marketplace for all items. Anyone can create a seller account and post listings for the community here. To safeguard the safety of our buyers, all transactions are processed through our secure Escrow system. We have a strict no-scam policy, so you may shop with confidence! Vendors sell all of the merchandise.


Who is behind AlphaBay?

The AlphaBay Organization has launched AlphaBay (2021-now). DeSnake, the original other co-founder of AlphaBay and security administrator from 2014 to 2017, is a public figure in the present Administration. DeSnake has returned to make AlphaBay great again.

Is this the genuine AlphaBay from 2014 to 2017? Is the Administration similar?

Yes, this is the genuine AlphaBay. DeSnake has signed a PGP-signed message proving his identity and AlphaBay’s comeback. The administration is nearly identical to that of the 2014-2017 period, which means that AlphaBay will once again run with mature management, unparalleled security, 24/7 professional and well-trained staff, and, of course, a unique vision for the future not only for itself but also for the darknet market scene. AlphaBay Market 2023 – Alexandre Cazes – Legit AlphaBay Link Reviews by DUMPSBUY CARDING TEAM

Why did AlphaBay resurface?

According to DeSnake’s remark from the PGP-signed message:

The reason for my return is not only the poor state of the DNM scene, with a lack of quality and professional marketplaces, or the monetary gains that come with running a marketplace, but most importantly, I want to leave a legacy worthy of the ‘AlphaBay’ name, and one that alpha02 would be proud of. We had high plans, and a decentralized market project was on our to-do list, but it was all cut short far too soon due to opsec failures, a lack of adherence to my opsec recommendations, and, of course, dirty play by LE with their parallel construction.

Another critical reason for AlphaBay’s reappearance is how everything ended with alpha02. Arrests, indictments, and prison sentences are all part of the game. It is not acceptable to murder a man without a trial and stage his suicide. He received an unjust punishment. Our quest for the truth has led us to conclude that he was Epstein’d (or, more lately, Mcafee’d) in a way that startled everyone. He did not deserve it; I knew him and he was a good, clever guy who cared about the community and individuals no matter what he did.

I tried to deal with the matter over time because I had witnessed numerous arrests in the game for over 20 years, some with terrible outcomes, but never one where a person was slain in custody by Law Enforcement. As shocking as the AlphaBay scenario was, it was the iconic college/university presentation of US agents presenting a never-before-seen in public video of the arrest that really impacted me and gave me the ‘Fuck it’ moment. The agent was laughing and mocking the arrest in a high-spirited manner, as if he were doing stand-up and the students in front of him were his audience. Disgusting. Law enforcement showed complete contempt for human life, disregard for someone who was deemed innocent until proven guilty, and disregard for their obligations as cops.

That neglect led me to the conclusion that alpha02 deserves to be treated better, even as a human, and no one was prepared or willing to do so, so fuck it, here I am. I aspired to complete the Decentralized Market Network project for the entire DNM community since that is how AlphaBay will (literally) live on and the alpha02 heritage will be honored.

First and foremost, I want to dedicate this to alpha02; we told each other that we would fight to the bitter end, and here I am honoring my end of the bargain. Second, we’d want to thank all of the past AlphaBay users, both buyers and sellers, who believed in us and supported us throughout the process. I know many of you have lost millions due to law enforcement seizures; this time, I have designed a very thoroughly tested mechanism called AlphaGuard that ensures that even if seizures occur on all servers, users will be able to withdraw their funds, resolve disputes, and depart without losing a single penny. Ideally, the decentralized network would be operational, making it nearly hard for any LE to stop activities. Third, we saw who is real and who rolled over obvious from the handed sentences to everyone who remain mute and refuse to participate when LE asks. Finally, I dedicate this to all those who finish what they start and honor their pledges regardless of the circumstances.

What changes has AlphaBay made since 2017?

From Administration to Staff to ScamWatch to how we organize and reward the community for helping the marketplace stay clean and free of harmful vendors/products, many good changes have been implemented to AlphaBay and the way it runs. A non-exhaustive list of modifications:

  • AlphaGuard was built from the ground up and battle-tested for years to ensure that even if seizures occur on all servers, users will be able to withdraw their funds, settle disputes, and leave with no money lost. AlphaGuard and its systems are not detectable by LE and, even if they were, there are’sleeping cells’ that will ensure the program’s fundamental objectives are met.
  • For the marketplace, a new secure code base was designed from the bottom up. We constructed a new platform for security reasons that has many cosmetic similarities to the previous one, but not a single line of code or programming logic from the 2014-2017 era has been reused. The new platform is not based on any public scripts; it is completely original and was designed with excellent industry practices and security in mind.
  • Based on the AlphaGuard system, bulletproof servers network and automatic server reconfiguration and deployment (after human Administration approval) in minutes. Almost all of our servers are maintained in secure locations with armed guards and several security measures that must be followed before entering the server racks. We have CCTV that can notify us if anything unusual occurs. Our hosting providers have shown to be impregnable, which means they will not respond to local or international law enforcement requests.
  • Access has been granularized in the new Staff system. AlphaBay will expand, which means we will need to hire more people. That entails inherent risks, and in order to mitigate them, we have developed a monitoring system of Staff actions, limiting access to profiles unless absolutely necessary, permission-requested-permission-granted/denied with comments that must be approved by higher ranked Staff members, and even higher ranked Staff members have their actions logged. Administration monitors the logs on a daily basis to ensure that no Staff member is abusing their authority for personal gain or otherwise.
  • Our own Automated Dispute Resolution (ADR) system. Based on our experience, we believe that, given the choice, the majority of disagreements can be resolved without the intervention of a third party. ADR is essentially a proposal system between buyer and seller that involves escrow time extension, full refund, partial refund, or replacement choices. Both parties can accept or reject the other party’s proposition(s). We strongly advise using ADR because it is exactly what a moderator would do during a dispute without the need to supervise both parties. Even if you do not reach an agreement with the vendor, you will know where you stand or will have attempted several options such as reshipment/replacement of items. By looking at what has previously occurred, the system has been intended to provide speedy resolution if needed by the moderator. If, for whatever reason, ADR does not work for you and you are unable to reach an agreement or simply refuse to use it, there is always a moderator accessible to look into it in less than 24 hours.
  • AlphaBay currently only takes Monero (XMR). We have abandoned Bitcoin not only because transactions are too clear, but also because users (buyers/vendors) do not conceal it sufficiently, either due to incompetence or laziness. To avoid this LE attack vector and protect our users, we have decided to accept solely Monero, with the option of adding more privacy coins in the future. We run our own internal Monero mixer to ensure that even if your transactions are discovered, they will never be linked to you.
  • The I2P network is prioritized above the Tor network. We explained in our public PGP-signed communication that Tor will not change its operation to remove assaults used not only to execute DoS against hidden services but also by LE to deanonymize and locate those services (as they did with AlphaBay).

What exactly is AlphaGuard?

AlphaGuard is a thoroughly tested technology that ensures that even if seizures occur on all servers, users will be able to withdraw their funds, resolve disputes, and depart without losing a single penny. The system has been in development for two years, with innumerable tests, and has had a year-plus of standalone testing where it ran on its own. AlphaGuard is a sophisticated piece of code that can run without access to any Administration servers. It has a ‘hive-mind,’ which allows it to detect when there are only a few servers left to launch itself from, which then kickstarts several programs that can either (1) purchase more servers on its own by accessing its very own cryptocurrency wallets and leveraging pre-funded accounts for bypassing captcha, or (2) automatically exploit random servers, websites, gain automatic privilege escalation, and ultimately be able to fulfill its core programming objectives while p

Consider the hypothetical scenario in which one of our systems detects an anomaly. Our systems will be put on lockdown. Administrators must manually disable lockdown mode within 72 hours, or the computers will enter wallet recovery mode. The onion and/or i2p addresses of the withdraw pages will be distributed via various Internet channels. The withdraw pages are self-contained and require three pieces of identification to withdraw funds: username, password, and wallet recovery key. You CANNOT DO ANYTHING unless all three ingredients are present. After entering your information, you will be given a field for your public or internal XMR address, which you must fill out. You CANNOT withdraw little amounts from your wallet because the wallet does not provide that choice or allow you to specify how much you want to withdraw. YOU WITHDRAW ALL FUNDS AT ONCE, REGARDLESS OF HOW LARGE OR SMALL THE AMOUNT IS.

After a few weeks (we won’t say how many for security reasons, but it’s more than two and less than eight), the self-destruct mode will kick in, erasing ALL DATABASES, FILES, AND SYSTEMS AUTOMATICALLY, and that will be the end of it. Nothing can ever be recovered, not for customers, not for us, and not for law enforcement (LE).

We prioritize our own and our customers’ security, and we will not allow any type of assault to successfully penetrate our protective layers. We have automated and tested measures in place, as well as 24/7/365 administration/security, to respond and react to any form of breach or abnormality in the set of operations.

NOTICE: If the password you are providing does not work in the hypothetical circumstance mentioned above, it is quite possible that you changed your password before we made a backup, or the system cannot access one of the most recent backups, so it reverts to an earlier one. To avoid this issue, save at least your previous password. For obvious reasons, all passwords are encrypted in accordance with security language best practices and techniques. We rely on proven and tested methods plus crypto and do not roll our own mechanisms.

What makes AlphaBay unique?

As per quote from DeSnake from the PGP signed message:

AlphaBay offers exceptional security, convenience of usage, and possibly the best support team to facilitate all of your transactions. You will be ruled by a mature administration with over 20 years of expertise in computer security alone, underground businesses, darknet market management, customer support, and, most crucially, evading law enforcement (LE).

On the technical side, we have a new secure and audited codebase, bulletproof servers, and multiple safeguards to handle disruptions of any kind (hardware, raids/seizures, etc.) and our very own AlphaGuard (AG) system that ensures users/vendors can access their wallet funds (including escrow) at any time on I2P/Tor as well as restore core marketplace functionalities such as disputes, all 100% completely automated.

The administration remains the same, but all employees have been removed for security reasons. Trusted folks have been chosen as moderators, people I have known for many years through business dealings. As AlphaBay expands, the need for more staff will arise, which is why we have implemented a granular system to monitor staff/ScamWatch actions and restrict access to functions and data that lower level moderators (Junior) or ScamWatch do not require until a valid cause is supplied (e.g. detecting scams, fake purchases etc.). Given our previous experience, some significant modifications have been made to how Staff works, resulting in higher productivity and substantially faster response times in both support issues and disputes.

Speaking of disagreements, our own Automatic Dispute Resolver (ADR) technology is a unique invention that we are bringing to the DNM sector. Based on our experience, we believe that, given the choice, the majority of disagreements can be resolved without the intervention of a third party. ADR is essentially a proposal system between buyer and seller that involves escrow time extension, full refund, partial refund, or replacement choices. Both parties can accept or reject the other party’s proposition(s).

We strongly advise using ADR because it is exactly what a moderator would do during a dispute without the need to supervise both parties. Even if you do not reach an agreement with the vendor, you will know where you stand or will have attempted several options such as reshipment/replacement of items. By looking at what has previously occurred, the system has been intended to provide speedy resolution if needed by the moderator. If, for whatever reason, ADR does not work for you and you are unable to reach an agreement or simply refuse to use it, there is always a moderator accessible to look into it in less than 24 hours.


AlphaBay has an unrivaled reputation and strong status in the darknet community. We have always been transparent, professional, and fair to all parties involved, which is why we have been the preferred location for hundreds of thousands of buyers and suppliers. Unlike other marketplaces, we have a vision for the future that includes an upgrade for the entire darknet market landscape (Decentralized Market Network). By using our marketplace, you contribute to the growth of the Decentralized Market Network.

What are the functions of the AlphaBay community?

As per quote from DeSnake from the PGP signed message:

In terms of community functions, we have fully abandoned the formula for calculating user Trust Level in the marketplace (TL). TLs will now consider a range of account attributes without the need to acquire extra data not necessary for the site’s primary operations. Trust levels apply to both buyers and sellers, each with its own set of norms for measuring them, although both are balanced with one another. Vendors may request higher TLs in order for purchasers to view and purchase their listings. A minimum of Trust Level 2 is necessary for purchasers to see or buy the automated credit card/accounts autoshops, while Trust Level 3 (and Vendor Level 3) is required for vendors to put up data for sale in the autoshop. Trust Levels function by building a network of users who Trust or Distrust each other; depending on the individual’s TL, the impact of selecting ‘Trust’ or ‘Distrust’ can vary. Other actions, such as reporting listings, vendors, and other website actions, effect the account’s Trust Level positively or negatively, depending on whether your reports, for example, have been true or too many have been fake. Moderators will give a warning point to your account if you post too many bogus reports.

Warning points are used to manage accounts that violate the basic website rules. We’ve seen users do the same thing over and over and over again in the past with no consequences. It needed several man hours to deal with a few employees who continued to perform things that were not officially forbidden but had a detrimental impact on staff productivity. Too many warning points result in account limiting, and if the offense is too severe, an outright ban is imposed by awarding the most warning points.

Because privacy has always been essential to us, all buyer profiles are secret by default. For example, buyer information (feedback, feedback% positive, ratings/comments for user by other vendors, etc.) is only provided to a vendor when a buyer makes a purchase. The available information is displayed prior to the merchant accepting the order, not after. Vendors should make their profiles available so that buyers can make better informed decisions.

ScamWatch has returned, and the most active users who assist report frauds and keep the marketplace clean can now become members. ScamWatch will continue to perform the same responsibilities, such as protecting consumers from scams, catching scammers in the act, ensuring listings are accurate and vendors adhere to their refund policies, reviewing reports and relaying crucial information to staff, and so on. To boost drug safety consumption on AlphaBay as well as the availability of more ‘pure products,’ ScamWatch has included a new expanded function that verifies vendor products are what they claim to be and are not fake/laced with fentanyl (illegal), etc.

Referrals are once again accessible. Perfect for those with marketing talents or who can spread the word, or for sellers to earn money by referring their clients. We give the industry’s highest rate, up to 25% of our profits, based on the TLs of the client.

New marketplace categories such as Services (programming, graphic design, remote administration, language translation, and so on) and Automotive (hacking, parts, keys, exploits, and so on) create new opportunities for all parties involved.

What exactly is AlphaBay Forum?

The AlphaBay Forum is a gathering place for the entire community to speak, discuss, and exchange. This is the place to be if you want to build your business or locate a new business or concept to make money.

As per quote from DeSnake from the PGP signed message:

For the most part, our Forum will continue to function as before, alternating between a place for vendors to interact with customers by advertising, replying to topics, and so on, and a place for discussions about hacking, fraud/carding, anonymity, malware/botnets, drug safety, warez, making money online, and so on. We have everything from beginner instruction to advanced techniques on any topic. If you miss the old AlphaBay Forums, you’re in luck since you should find the same amount of freedom of speech and expression.

To replace the recent collapse of well-known underground forums, private sub-forums have returned, this time extending to communities such as hacking, carding, and so on. If you are a (very) advanced/elite person looking to share a private discussion board with other members of your league to trade ideas, code, data, or simply do business, any of our private, vetted, and verified members only sub-communities are for you. Specifically, the infamous VXcode – our private malware sub-community will be relaunched with a few members already there who previously survived the raids and kept working independently, all of which supports the idea that such communities are stronger and more crucial to the scene. To make the introduction of VXcode even more exciting, we will be releasing an updated source code of a well-known banking trojan for everyone to enjoy, as well as the narrative of how the authorities tried to blame the malware’s genesis on me.

As the Forum evolves, language-specific sub-communities other than the Russian one will be established. Sub-communities follow website rules and their respective ‘community manager’ can add additional rules/operating structures. From the beginning, when VXcode was released, the long-term objective for such communities was to be viable enough to rebound in the case of a raid/seizure. While keeping a presence on AlphaBay Forum, large sub-communities can even build up their own dedicated forums maintained by members or community managers.

What is AlphaBay’s long-term goal for itself?

As per quote from DeSnake from the PGP signed message:

We understand how to run our marketplace and forums, we understand what the darknet market landscape requires, and we have arrived prepared.
Our primary objectives are as follows:

  1. Set ‘industry norms’ with our inventions in the past, and shape the future towards a more sustainable approach. Furthermore, we aim to leverage our experience in counter-surveillance, counter-signal intelligence, and operational security knowledge to teach users, suppliers, and future darknet admins how to keep themselves and their lives safe from Law Enforcement. The fact that the majority of AlphaBays’ crew survived the raids a few years ago proves we know what we’re talking about.
  2. Run the market longer at least 3 times as long as AlphaBay survived in the past.
  3. Give birth to and sponsor a new generation of decentralized marketplaces with a portion of our profits. Updated information and many more details may be found in our Forum, with an overview provided below.

Our ultimate goal is to build a network that is entirely independent, decentralized, and anonymous, allowing anyone to construct a marketplace ‘brand.’ We will move our community and construct a ‘AlphaBay’ market on that network, allowing users and sellers to purchase, sell, and trade in a decentralized manner. Other markets may join the network as it reduces their requirements and risk of arrest without sacrificing management control (disputes, what is allowed to be sold, hiring of staff, setting fees, control of their profit wallets etc). Users will be able to buy from several markets without having to trust any of them with their cryptocurrencies or register for each one separately. Vendors will be able to seamlessly sell on different markets or even open their own shop while maintaining their anonymity and security.

Why does AlphaBay advise using I2P?

We place a strong emphasis on I2P since we feel it is the way of the future and that every DNM user should learn how to use it. To elaborate, Tor has been ignoring much needed updates to how hidden services work for a very long time, and this is not just my opinion. What we don’t know is why the Tor project has done little to nothing about it and continues to dismiss it. No amount of funds donated to the Tor project foundation will change that, and the time to cease ‘hoping’ for them to make changes has passed.

When it comes to Tor alternatives, I2P is a clear winner. It was created for true darknet usage, as opposed to Tor, which was created to mask the user in the clearweb. As a project, I2P has evolved and matured significantly, and recent improvements enable long-awaited higher security tunnels using cutting-edge encryption methods. There are some challenges getting I2P to operate on some systems, such as Tails, but all others, including all Linux flavors, *BSD, Solaris, Whonix, and even Windows (which should never be used for DNM activity), are as simple as 1-2-3. With appropriate finance and community support, I2P capabilities might be brought to Tails as well.

Learn how to use I2P and you’ll always be able to locate AlphaBay online. We will have Tor mirrors up and operating until a larger portion of the community migrates to I2P.


Why is AlphaBay a Monero-only marketplace at the moment? What is the problem with Bitcoin?


Monero (XMR) is a cryptocurrency that we recently added to our marketplace, along with a few others. Because of its increased security and anonymity, it is now the only cryptocurrency available for use on our marketplace. Anyone concerned about their privacy should abandon Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in favor of solely using audited privacy coins to conduct darknet transactions. Monero provides the ideal balance of use, community support, security, and anonymity.

We do not want to incorporate bitcoin to monero or other currencies to monero swappers. If we do, we risk exposing not only aspects of our infrastructure used to make the trades (even if we use Tor to make those API calls), but also allowing LE to halt trades or freeze balances, which would put our customers in a horrible predicament. Users who use any DNM that provides swap services should exercise extreme caution, first for the operators who may collect that information on you/be seized and that information is collected by LE, and second for the ability to freeze trades, potentially resulting in losses that would reflect on the DNM itself. It is a severe risk that many of today’s most popular markets’ amateur administrators ignore or are too blind to see in order to make a modest profit.

One further important reason why you should not support/use swappers of any kind that are connected or linked to any DNM is LE’s ability to profile exactly who the exchanger(s) services are. Those amateur markets get “dirty” by passing them through many exchangers. As a result of breaching the law, these exchangers will face arrests, operations, and other consequences. Anyone with a few brain cells will tell you that it is critical not to taint or contaminate all exchanges, otherwise you will be trapped without enjoying your hard earned earnings in the real world while making it more difficult for the average Ivan to utilize or enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies.


When atomic swaps become available and reliable, it will be possible to integrate a bitcoin->monero swapper to allow for a quick and easy move without affecting transaction anonymity or security. Using DEXs is another alternative, but because to the lack of anonymity or the strong demand for P2P connections, the technology is not yet mature enough for a DNM to integrate without risking exposure.

Escrow and Finalize Early are the standard means of buying on AlphaBay (FE, given only to very trusted vendors). If you prefer a ‘wallet-less’/non-custodial marketplace, simply transfer the money you intend to pay into your AlphaBay XMR wallet. The entire concept of ‘wallet-less’ marketplaces, which became popular following our attacks, is stupid and pure marketing nonsense; your coins are always sent to an address controlled by the market for the duration of the transaction. It is the user’s responsibility to strike a balance between convenience and security. Multisig Monero will be implemented once it is more stable and mainstream; our tests have revealed that it is not yet ‘there.’

Regardless of Monero’s security measures, AlphaBay operates an internal mixer for the safety of our customers, ensuring that none of your Monero coins are linked to you. The greatest mixer has always been and will continue to be one that contains no on-chain data. Refer to our Forum for the most recent guidelines on how to unlink coins even further.

In the future, our decentralized network will address the issue of wallet trust, which has long plagued the darknet market sector. Market administrators will finally be able to focus on business development and customer service, which is exactly what we are doing today, but the network and its hardcoded protocols will make it mandatory.


Why should you use AlphaBay now instead of other marketplaces?

As per quote from DeSnake from the PGP signed message:

Four years have passed since the ‘AlphaBay Organization’ indictment was handed down. It’s time to show the DNM community, both new and old, that if you’re a professional and know what you’re doing, you can be anonymous and weather the worst storms.

The most important reason to choose AlphaBay over other marketplaces is because by utilizing our escrow, you become a part of the people who help support the development of a decentralized network that benefits everyone – vendors, buyers, and even other markets. You get a profit percentage by purchasing from sellers on our marketplace, which is utilized to fund the decentralized network. Be a part of something greater, something new, something useful to the entire DNM community, something that comes along once in a generation and changes the way people buy and trade in a private, safe, and anonymous manner.

If the community is ready to move to the next generation of marketplaces, don’t miss your chance to join us and help out – either by using the marketplace or, if you’re a developer/security expert/system administrator, go to our Forum and see how you can contribute, get paid for it, and help out in the long run. It is a community endeavor, which is why this is a community appeal for everyone – we have the blueprints, but we need your support now, in the present, to make it a reality so that we can serve you in the future. We do not require donations; simply shifting your business to us and spreading the news is sufficient. If you wish to go the extra mile, there will be other tasks that will require your assistance in order for the network to function. Those who are outspoken and active members/vendors/developers will benefit from the network’s long-term launch.


We are a professionally run, anonymous, secure marketplace with a track record unlike any other – dead or alive. We have the best, from management to staff to the technology that powers AlphaBay to our impenetrable servers. With protection from a system like AlphaGuard, which no other marketplace offers, we are clearly a choice for individuals who prioritize stability and security.




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The subterranean marketplaces account for an astounding one-fifth of the global economy. To put this in context, the global GDP for 2020 is $81 trillion USD. The shadow economy accounts for $16.1 trillion of that total. Criminal behavior is extremely profitable, and now anyone may participate.

We know all you want to know, and we have great guidelines and attack tactics to assist you start making money from this market right away.




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