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Abacus is a newer darknet market that has been around for a little over a year. To avoid confusion with the recently’re-launched’ AlphaBay, the market rebranded from ‘Alphabet’ in October 2021 to avoid being confused with the recently’re-launched’ AlphaBay. After the collapse of White House Market, the market gained some vendors, but it still suffers from a serious lack of diversity in terms of vendors and items. The majority of the digital commodities available at Abacus may be found on any other market, and around half of the Drugs & Chemicals sections are vacant.

Abacus Market Link: abacusnoepyuw5qqq5ymqsz56eh7eggxibpst3hve5siimmtz5kydtyd.onion

Please click here for a comprehensive guide to the Abacus Market.

The market’s administrators claim to have coded it from the ground up, yet if the layout of Abacus looks familiar, it’s because much of the UI is lifted directly from AlphaBay (which has been the subject of many imitators). This contains the menu options, listing pages, vendor pages, categories, and listing layouts. On the one hand, it demonstrates a lack of innovation on the part of the market’s creators; on the other hand, this layout is frequently replicated since it works and is very intuitive, so why improve something that isn’t broken?

Product Choice

Abacus has over 2,800 listings. The majority of these postings are in the Fraud category, although more than half are accounts for other services. Drugs & Chemicals, Counterfeit Items, Digital Products, Guides & Tutorials, Jewels & Gold, Carded Items, Software & Malware, Security & Hosting, and Other Listings are among the other categories hosted. Some categories on Abacus are completely vacant due to the scarcity of listings. The Drugs category is painstakingly organized into over two dozen subcategories, making it extremely simple to find the particular product you’re looking for. Abacus also includes the standard search and filter tools that come with this market design, although you’re unlikely to use them.

Payment Options

Abacus accepts payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). While it uses the standard account wallet method (which means you must first top up your account balance before making a purchase), it does support Multisig 2/3 payments, which some vendors use. Vendors having a substantial number of completed sales are granted FE (finalize early) rights. One of the intriguing aspects of Abacus is that the amount to be FE’d is varied by percentage (from 25% to 100%) based on the vendor’s level.

Abacus Advantages

  • Familiar UI, well organized, easy to navigate.
  • Supports XMR.
  • Supports BTC Multisig (for some vendors).

Abacus Drawbacks

  • Limited selection of vendors and products.
  • No per-order (‘prepay’) payment support.
  • Digital categories full of cross-listed and incorrectly-listed products.

Overall, Abacus Market is a lesser-known darknet market that has yet to acquire the trust of many users in its year of operation. The market functions properly and as intended, however there is a serious lack of products and merchants. The fact that they force users to rely on the traditional, centralized account wallet system is uninspiring, but the small number of users who do utilize it appear to be fine with it.

Abacus Market URL – abacusnoepyuw5qqq5ymqsz56eh7eggxibpst3hve5siimmtz5kydtyd.onion

Announcement of the Abacus Market Lunch

Hello and welcome to the Abacus Marketplace!

We’d like to take this opportunity to explain the concept behind this project and why it exists today.

The Silk Road and the AlphaBay Market:

In his personal diary, Ross Ulbritch described his idea for a website “where anyone could buy anything anonymously, with no trace whatsoever that could link back to them.” A few years later, he made this vision a reality with the launch of what is regarded as the first darknet marketplace, Silk Road, and with it, the beginning of an age centered on libertarian ideas, which did not claim to be a utopia but came very near. The demise of Silk Road and other attacks on genuine free markets have simply spread the existence of darknet markets on a worldwide scale.

There were other good markets after Silk Road, but it wasn’t until Alphabay achieved a massive and diverse market of many categories that the “Dark Amazon” concept of having a large-scale anonymous market became a reality (lastest stats of Alphabay proves that since Alphabay, no other market has reached those numbers again in terms of vendors and listings).

We like how easy it is for buyers and sellers to use AlphaBay’s interface (specially we like how alpha02 added some unique features and how some of those features still cannot not be found on any other market). We made a lot of improvements and made some required changes). We do not believe it is fair to recall the darknet’s most welcoming and intuitive interface in a negative light because of the exit scammed Empire market.

We decided to bring the AlphaBay layout to life with some enhancements under the name Abacus Market, after being excited and convinced by Ross’ libertarian economic theory, which will be our guide for this great and long undertaking, and after falling in love with alpha02’s intuitive interface. We do not want to be just another market; time will tell. We worked hard to create a complete platform with excellent standards from the ground up. We will gradually begin to integrate more distinctive features. This is going to be a long road, and we are aware that we will encounter difficulties; we have already encountered them to get to where we are today, and we are aware that more will come, but we are passionate about this, and the only thing we expect is Abacus to be of great assistance to all of you who believe in a free and anonymous market.

That’s it. Before we could add new and original ideas to the darknet community, we needed to look back at the beginning of this liberation revolution. Only by understanding our past can we create a better future.

Abacus Market (Present and Future):

You might be surprised to find entries here that are illegal in your jurisdiction. That doesn’t mean Abacus is above the law. In reality, we have a fairly strong code of conduct that, if given the opportunity, we feel most people would agree with. Our principles are centered on treating others as you would like to be treated, not attempting to defraud others on the market, and minding your own business. There are some things you will never see here in the spirit of those guidelines, and if you do, please report them. We do not allow child pornography or any resources that may lead to selling humans or their parts, services to harm others (physical or mental including assassination, threatening, arson, surveillance, harassment, etc), fentanyl or analogues, poisons, selling guns, explosives, or any items that may lead to any terroristic actions (tasers, pepper sprays, to name a few exceptions).

Although the darknet community has probably never been as large as it is today, we no longer witness the same enthusiasm or a robust community around markets as we once did. We want to offer our hand in friendship to all other marketplaces like us, and we want to explore the prospect of working together to make the darknet a unified and united community for our freedom. We would like to thank important players such as HugBunter, Paris, and Mr White for their contributions to the darknet community, including the opensourcing of EndGame, which provides market administrators with a free tool to combat DDoS attacks.

Abacus Market is completely opposed to the War on Drugs, which has resulted in fatalities, abuses of power, and waste of public funds. We oppose restricting people’s access to controlled substances that they have chosen to obtain. They will be able to obtain it from the streets without knowing what they are purchasing, eliminating the ease of exchanging knowledge with others in the same circumstance.

We have a lot of plans for harm reduction because some of our closest friends died from an overdose from a chemical they bought that was tainted and they didn’t realize it. We encourage all of our customers to learn what the deadly doses of each substance are and to not put their trust in anybody. Instead, get your own testing kits or submit some samples to your nearest testing laboratory to be certain about what they are taking. If we discover that a seller is selling contaminated substances, we will promptly prohibit them from our platform and warn all of their customers.

The ancient adage “freedom comes with responsibility” couldn’t be more accurate here. You will have easy access to things that will get you in problems with the police and are bad for your health. So, just because you can, does not imply that you should. However, you are the owner of your life, and it is your responsibility to determine what is good and harmful for you. Nobody else can accomplish it.

Stay safe, have fun, and stop by the forums to say hello!

Your devoted servant,

Team Abacus

Announcement of a Change in Abacus Market Layout

We are pleased to report that the upgrading was completed successfully. Abacus Market is now better than ever, and it is ready to serve all vendors and consumers seeking a solid, safe, and speedy marketplace.

Regarding the update: even though the market remained operational, we chose to do maintenance in order to upgrade the network infrastructure, resolving any timeout faults and boosting server reliability, security, and speed. We took our time to ensure that all outstanding work were completed during market maintenance so that we did not have to shut down the market for an extended period of time again. For us, the most important aspects of an anonymous marketplace are security and reliability, and with this update, Abacus and Abacus’ server architecture have advanced to a new level, which we are very proud of.

Concerning the re-branding: as requested by the community, the market now has a 100% distinct brand name that will not cause confusion with other comparable market names. Abacus is a feature-rich marketplace that was built from the ground up and is here to stay. Because of the name, we do not want to be confused with any other market.

We also want to mention that we are working on a tool for the drug community that will be completely free to use and extremely beneficial to the entire community. More information will be released soon.

If you haven’t already joined Abacus Market and Abacus Forum, we invite you to do so; you won’t be disappointed.

Abacus Market Link: abacusnoepyuw5qqq5ymqsz56eh7eggxibpst3hve5siimmtz5kydtyd.onion

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