A Comprehensive Guide to the Royal Market

This guide will teach you all you need to know to connect to Royal Market, one of the largest darknet markets in operation today.

Royal Market is a darknet market that was established in October of 2020. It has grown tremendously since then, owing to a mix of deploying a strong set of attractive characteristics and simply outlasting the competition. According to market statistics, Royal has around 1,150 sellers and 154,000 users, making it one of the major darknet markets that is still active. Far of the darknet market community appears pleased with Royal because it does not rely on the traditional account wallet system, instead opting for the much more popular per-order payment approach. As the total amount of funds controlled by the market at any given time decreases, the appeal of a possible exit scam decreases.

Unlike most other markets, Royal adds a 5% fee to each purchase that the buyer must pay. Normally, this fee is deducted from the vendor’s payment when the funds are released from escrow. In practice, it is similar to a final “tax” that is transparent yet must be considered by the customer when placing an order. The account creation and order placement processes are both straightforward and efficient. Although Royal has dozens of subcategories and a good number of filter options, it might be difficult to navigate through the listings.

For some reason, the Royal Market website does not always load on the first attempt. Almost always, merely refreshing the browser or pressing Enter in the URL tab will remedy this issue. Aside from that, we like how simple the market’s account creation and login process is, as well as how simple their captchas are. It also employs a pretty sophisticated DDOS prevention technology that does not significantly inconvenience its consumers, as some others do. Royal Market deserves recognition for these reasons, as well as the fact that it supports Monero and has a wallet-less escrow payment method.

Some of the most fascinating services provided by Royal Market include a live broadcast of market-related activity, such as vendor listings, new user registrations, and market announcements. It also has tutorials on how to utilize the market and “Custom Shops” for trustworthy vendors who wish to display their featured items. Overall, Royal appears to be one of the more complete and well-executed darknet markets we’ve seen in a long time, and they’ve done fairly well in their year and a half of operation.

The Fundamentals of the Royal Market

  • Cryptocurrencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
  • Total Product/Service listings: 26,600+
  • Listing Categories: Documents, Drug Recipes, Leaks, Prescription, Steroids, Tutorials, Benzos, Cannabis, Counterfeit, Digital, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Fraud, Opioids, Psychedelics, Services, Stimulants
  • Multi-signature escrow? No
  • Finalize Early? Yes
  • Cost of vendor bond: $1,000

Prior to Beginning

Before placing an order on the darknet market, a darknet market user must have an intermediate (or higher) level of awareness of the following technological concepts:

  • Tor browser. This is what will allow you to connect to the Royal Market URL or any other darknet site.
  • Cryptocurrency. You will need to know how to send and receive cryptocurrency, principally Bitcoin or Monero. We recommend using Monero (XMR) whenever possible, as it is much harder to trace transactions on its blockchain.
  • OpSec. Short for operations security, this involves engaging in practices online that allow you to maintain your anonymity in the best way possible. A good example of this would be never sending BTC to a Royal Market order payment address straight from an exchange.
  • PGP. You will need to know how to generate a PGP key pair as well as encrypt/decrypt PGP messages. This is necessary for all communications on darknet markets like Royal Market and should be done when providing a shipping address for an order.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for research purposes only and should not be taken as legal or other advice. The authors of this handbook do not support unlawful conduct in your jurisdiction or others. You use the information in this guide and/or Royal Market at your own risk.

Making an Account

Royal Market’s registration process is really straightforward. To begin, click the “Register” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. You must enter your login, password (twice), and Withdrawal Pin (between 4-6 digits, also entered twice).

After entering this information and saving it to a safe location, check the “I’m not a robot” box, solve the (simple) captcha, and click “Create account.” You will then be given what is known as a “Password Reset Token,” which looks like this:

Make a copy and save it as well. This functions as an account mnemonic (as they are commonly known on other markets), however you will also need to remember your account’s username to utilize it. After you’ve copied this string, click “Login.” You’ll then be taken back to the market login screen. To log into the market this time, simply enter your username and password.

Making a PGP Key

To configure your PGP public key for Royal Market, first hover over your username in the upper-right corner of the main market page, then select “Profile Settings.” Next, change the default “Settings” tab to “2FA/PGP.” Then scroll down until you reach the part titled “Your PGP Key.” You’ll notice a text box here where you may paste your PGP public key. When properly entered, it should appear like this:

Then, enter your Withdrawal PIN and click “Add PGP.” You will then be prompted to decrypt a message encrypted with your key and paste a 7-digit code into a field beneath the message. Select the full message (by just clicking on it) and decrypt it with your PGP program (Kleopatra, for example) Only the message’s code should be entered in the text box. It will resemble the following:

After you’ve done that, click “Validate PGP.” If everything goes as planned, you will be taken back to the PGP tab of the Settings screen.

Establishing a Refund Address

The typical account wallet approach, in which you must first credit your account with funds before making a transaction, is not used by Royal Market. It instead employs a direct pay method in which payments are made per order. Instead of depositing funds into your account, they are sent to an address that symbolizes payment for a certain order. This payment is released to the seller after the customer has finished the deal, making it more difficult to lose funds in the event of a market exit fraud.

Before you make a purchase, you must provide a refund address where your order payment can be repaid if necessary. Depending on the payment method of your contribution, this can be done for BTC or XMR purchases. Because of its privacy characteristics, which make transactions on its blockchain far more difficult to track, we advocate utilizing Monero wherever possible.

Following the configuration of your PGP key, you will see a message on the PGP settings screen that reads,

“It appears that you have not yet added any wallets. If you don’t include one, you won’t be able to sell or buy. The wallet is used to transfer you coins if your purchase is cancelled, you win a dispute, or you receive referral fees (as a buyer) or when your order is completed, you win a dispute, or you receive referral fees (as a vendor).”

Simply click the red box next to the text “Go to Settings,” or if you’re already on the Settings page, pick the “Withdrawal” option. Scroll down until you see the sentence “Setup your automated withdraw wallet.” Below that are boxes for Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) addresses. While not all vendors accept both ways of payment, the majority do. We always recommend utilizing XMR and will create an address for that coin for the purposes of this instruction. Simply insert your XMR address (always a new address from a personal wallet, never an exchange), input your Withdrawal PIN, and click “Add address.”

If you enter your XMR address correctly, you will be returned to the top of the Settings tab and greeted with the statement, “You have successfully inserted your XMR address! “You can now place orders on Royal Market.”

Exploring Royal Market

Although the layout of Royal Market isn’t the most appealing, it is quite simple to explore. The first listings displayed on the main market page are highlighted listings, which are typically given by experienced vendors with a track record of sales. This is followed by “New Products,” which are listings that have recently been added. They look to be unpaid listings that were inserted mechanically. Hover over the “Products” menu tab in the top left of the screen to discover a specific category (or subcategory). Listings are categorized into the following categories:

  • Documents
  • Drug Recipes
  • Leaks
  • Prescription
  • Steroids
  • Tutorials
  • Benzos (Pills, Powder, Other)
  • Cannabis (Buds & Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, Hash, Prerolls, Seeds, Shake, Other)
  • Counterfeit (Driver’s License)
  • Digital (Gift Cards, Transfers, E-books, Fraud Software, Game Keys, Guides & Tutorials, Legitimate Software, Fullz, Scans)
  • Dissociatives (GHB, Ketamine, MXE, Other)
  • Ecstasy (MDA, MDMA, Methylone & BK, Pills, Other)
  • Fraud (Checks, Accounts, CVV & Cards, Dumps, Other)
  • Opioids (Buprenorphine, Codeine, Dihydrocodeine, Heroin, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Morphine, Opium, Oxycodone, Pills, RCs, Other)
  • Psychedelics (NBOME, Shrooms, Other, 2C-B, DMA/DOX, DMT, LSA, LSD, Mescaline)
  • Services (Carding, Social Engineering, Other)
  • Stimulants (Cocaine, Crack Meth, Speed, 2-FA, Adderall & Vynase, Other)

One of the nice features of browsing Royal is that the vendor’s total sales are listed at the top of each listing box. This makes it quite clear which listings are being offered by seasoned vendors and which are being offered by beginner vendors (which is important, because we recommend avoiding newbie vendors at all costs). When you click on a category (or subcategory), you’ll see listings organized by how recently they were added.

We can see the vendor name, the quantity of sales across several markets, the item picture, the price in dollars, the country shipped from and to, the currencies accepted, and whether this vendor is Escrow or FE enabled for each listing box. There are some filter choices to the right of this, including search keyword, vendor name, category, product type, ships from/to, and price range. Listings can also be ordered by popularity and price (low to high, high to low). Clicking on a listing provides further information.

This vendor has 416 sales, the majority of which came from other marketplaces, as they are still a Level 1 seller and are designated “New Vendor.” They have two positive feedbacks and one negative feedback. We can tell that this merchant has yet to sell any of this product and accepts only BTC as payment. They are also non-FE enabled, which is why the order placement type is listed as Normal Escrow. A little more scrolling exposes three tabs: Details, Feedback, and Refund Policy. We recommend reading over this material thoroughly before placing your first order with a merchant.

Making a Purchase

When you’ve chosen a product you want to buy, click “Add to Cart” to start the ordering process. Royal Market simplifies the procedure by providing all of the information you need to get started, including a link to the vendor’s PGP key. When placing a purchase, you should always encrypt your shipping details. To do so, click the blue “Click here to see Vendor Public PGP Key” button beneath the order information. Copy this key and paste it into your PGP software (such as Kleopatra, using the Certificate Import feature). Next, use this newly-added key to encrypt your shipping information and paste the contents into the shipping details field.

Check that you have picked the correct payment method (we encourage using XMR wherever possible), shipping option, and quantity. If you make any changes, you must click the “Update” option in the shipment details box before proceeding. When everything appears to be in order, scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the final order total and the Checkout button.

It’s worth noting that Royal Market charges a 5% buyer-side fee on every order, thus the real amount to be paid will be 5% greater than the quoted product price. If you agree with the total amount to be paid, click “Checkout.” You will have one final opportunity to review your order. Check to ensure that the total amount, payment method, and escrow type are all satisfactory to you. If they are, click “Purchase” to proceed. You will then be taken to a screen that displays the payment address associated with your order.

The entire payment due is 0.45599965 XMR, as shown above. For the order to be executed, this precise amount must be transferred to the payment address (which begins with a “4”). Please keep in mind that payment will not be marked as received until your transaction has gotten 10 Monero network confirmations (usually between 20-30 minutes). After that, the Current Balance field will be updated to reflect the payment’s receipt. After 20-30 minutes, you may need to refresh the screen to confirm this.

Notice that there are five different order statuses:

  • Purchased (includes waiting for the vendor to accept the order)
  • Sent (the vendor has mailed the order)
  • Delivered (the buyer has accepted the order and marked it as finalized)
  • Disputed (the buyer does not want funds to be released from escrow because there is a problem with the order)
  • Canceled (the buyer or vendor has canceled the order)

Buyers can cancel an order after it has been placed (but before payment is delivered) by clicking the red “Cancel Purchase” button beneath the Payment Status. After the market has confirmed payment, the order details will be forwarded to the vendor, who will then begin preparing it for delivery. It is the buyer’s responsibility to mark the order as finalized once it has been received, which may be done via the “Purchases” tab in the menu area. This is considered good market etiquette.

If you ordered an item from a seller who has FE rights, you must complete the order as soon as the vendor marks it as “Sent.” Check the Purchases page for any updates on the status of your order.

If you receive the order and there is a problem with it, or if you do not receive it at all, you can open a dispute from the Purchases tab as well. You must complete this within the time limit before the order auto-finalizes. You will not be able to initiate a dispute if you make a purchase from a FE-enabled seller, so make sure you completely trust their abilities before making an order with them.

Royal Market URL –



Royal Market is one of the larger and most extensive darknet markets that has managed to survive while so many others have failed. Except for the fact that they do not need PGP encryption of shipping information, it has nearly all of the major components of a decent darknet market (they claim to do this on their end if the buyer somehow fails to do it on their own, but this should absolutely be done by the buyer upon placing any darknet market order). The market’s layout can be a little perplexing at first, but the fact that they have sorted their listings into so many categories makes it rather straightforward to find the goods you are looking for.

Overall, Royal Market has found a winning formula that has served them well, allowing them to see phenomenal growth in the previous year and a half. Their DDOS filtering and captcha systems are among the best we’ve encountered, and as long as you take the necessary measures and follow the methods indicated in this article, you should have no trouble placing orders through their marketplace.

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